Sunday, February 17, 2019

Friendly Old Girl of a Town

Pretty much almost froze off all my body parts during my stay in Copenhagen, but it was a lovely visit. Highlights: the colourful streets, the concert and anywhere inside where we could enjoy everything but the cold.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

A visit to Aalborg

I went to Aalborg, Denmark last month to visit my friend but also to experience the city. I mean, if you plan on studying there you do want to know what the city is like, right? That's right, I'm going back to school!

After my (discontinued) bachelor programme I honestly didn't see myself studying ever again, but someone convinced me that you are never too old to pursue your passions. In my case that is graphic and web design. During my childhood, when I discovered the internet,  I learned about the basics of uploading images but also more complicated practices such as using HTML to create a scroll box.  I enjoyed creating things and making them look pretty so I spent a lot of time learning how to use HTML and Paintshop Pro. I think that's why I enjoyed setting up my own Jewellery store Sightstone so much. I loved building the website and making promotional graphics.

In high school however, this hobby of mine vanished and I did not consider it as a career choice. At the time I did not think pursuing a job that really speaks to your passion was an option. I majored in an International Business bachelor programme, only to realise it was not what I wanted to pursue. I chose to go into the economics field because I thought it would get me a high paying job, even though I suck at economics and I do not enjoy it. I know now that I should have gone for something that truly interests me, without looking at how rich it could make you.

So when it was time for my younger sisters to decide on a higher education, I made sure I told them to not make the same mistake as me and to choose something they think they would enjoy. I think it's a shame that society expects children to know what career they want to pursue (for the rest of their lives) at such a young age.

Anyway, in July I will hear the news from the school if I am accepted or not. It's scary to move to a foreign country for three full years, but I am more excited than that I am scared. I am so ready to start a new chapter in my life.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Dare It Nude

I feel like this is the perfect nude nail polish for my skin tone. I've found that most nude ones are either too pink or brown for my taste, but I'm really fond of #36 Dare It Nude by Essence. I remember I used to have trouble choosing a nail polish colour because I had so many and I just couldn't decide; I wanted to wear all of them! But now this is basically the only nail polish I ever wear. I'm not that adventurous anymore when it comes to nail art.

Also, a fun fact: if you look closely you'll notice how the skin of my fingers is way lighter than the skin on my hand. I actually got burned while quad biking in Namibia. Really bad. Imagine being in the sun without any clouds in the sky and no protection (no sunscreen and no long sleeves to cover up) for three full hours. The 'funny' thing is that I did bring sunscreen, I just didn't apply it. 

Lesson learned though. Protect your skin!

Friday, February 16, 2018


My first time in Namibia! Actually, my first time in Africa. I've only traveled in Europe & Asia so I was extremely excited to step foot in a new world. I didn't know what expectations to have, or I tried to keep them low, so the trip did not disappoint. It was fun and fascinating; I saw a lot and learned a lot about Namibia and its people. One day I will definitely be back to explore more of this beautiful country.

Oh, I also made a vlog of the trip. Click here if you'd like to watch it!